Postdoc position available

A postdoc position is available in my group on the NeuroConvergence project in collaboration with Jan Haavik and colleagues at the Neurotargeting group. In the NeuroConvergence project, we will use a range of machine learning and causal inference methods on unique large-scale genetic and functional genomic datasets and chemical libraries to identify novel druggable target proteins for neuropsychiatric disorders. The postdoc will also contribute to the in silico protein structural screening and optimization of candidate targets using modern AI tools (RoseTTAfold, Alphafold2). See the job advertisement for more details and application instructions.

G3 paper

Our paper “Restricted maximum-likelihood method for learning latent variance components in gene expression data with known and unknown confounders” has been published in G3. In this paper we analyse the mathematical structure of a class of statistical models for learning hidden factors influencing gene expression data and show that a new algorithm based on the analytical results is orders of magnitude faster than the standard algorithms for solving this class of models.

Two preprints by Ramin

Congrats to Ramin for posting no less than two preprints on arXiv:

Both papers result from a collaboration between Ramin and Dariush Salami at the Ambient Intelligence group at Aalto University, and introduce new graph neural network-based methods for analyzing point cloud data.

Great to see when students independently initiate projects and push them through to completion (exposing the limits of their supervisor’s knowledge in the process 🙂