Welcome Bendik, Ørjan, and Daniel!

A warm welcome to our new master students: Bendik (master in machine learning) will do a project with Ramin and Gutama about missing data prediction in causal networks, Ørjan (master in bioinformatics) will do a joint project with Anagha Joshi about spatial transcriptomics, and Daniel (master in bioinformatics) will do a joint project with Susanna Röblitz about comparing ML and classical dynamical systems methods for learning networks from time series data.

Two preprints by Ramin

Congrats to Ramin for posting no less than two preprints on arXiv:

Both papers result from a collaboration between Ramin and Dariush Salami at the Ambient Intelligence group at Aalto University, and introduce new graph neural network-based methods for analyzing point cloud data.

Great to see when students independently initiate projects and push them through to completion (exposing the limits of their supervisor’s knowledge in the process 🙂