CEDAS conference 2021

Does your work involve data science? Are you curious about research in data science in Bergen? The CEDAS conference 2021 will be a 2-day event featuring talks and discussion by leading international scientists and local experts on the interaction between data science, statistics, machine learning, and AI, as well as their applications in science and society. The conference will also provide a friendly virtual poster session to present your own work, and an opportunity to connect (meeting physically if regulations allow) with like-minded data scientists from around Bergen.

Posters at ISMB/ECCB 2015

Chris and Sid are presenting posters at ISMB/ECCB this week. Chris’s one (E24) is on “Functional transcription factor target discovery via compendia of binding and expression profiles”, and Sid’s one (A081) on “A systems approach to unravel host response processes and host-parasite interactions in trypanosome infections”.