Welcome Bendik, Ørjan, and Daniel!

A warm welcome to our new master students: Bendik (master in machine learning) will do a project with Ramin and Gutama about missing data prediction in causal networks, Ørjan (master in bioinformatics) will do a joint project with Anagha Joshi about spatial transcriptomics, and Daniel (master in bioinformatics) will do a joint project with Susanna Röblitz about comparing ML and classical dynamical systems methods for learning networks from time series data.

Postdoc position available

A postdoc position is available in my group on the NeuroConvergence project in collaboration with Jan Haavik and colleagues at the Neurotargeting group. In the NeuroConvergence project, we will use a range of machine learning and causal inference methods on unique large-scale genetic and functional genomic datasets and chemical libraries to identify novel druggable target proteins for neuropsychiatric disorders. The postdoc will also contribute to the in silico protein structural screening and optimization of candidate targets using modern AI tools (RoseTTAfold, Alphafold2). See the job advertisement for more details and application instructions.