With Ruth Andrew and Brian Walker at the Centre for Cardiovascular Science we study tissue-specific consequences of genetic variation influencing glucocorticoid levels using eQTL approaches.

With Johan Björkegren we work on the analysis of genotype, gene expression and clinical data from cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients to map genetic risk profiles and understand the architecture of CVD-perturbed molecular networks.

With Liam Morrison we work on the analysis of dynamic transcriptome data to understand host-parasite interactions and host response processes during trypanosome infection.

With Andreas Hecht we analyse data from The Cancer Genome Atlas to understand the relevance of cancer cell line experiments for colorectal tumours in human patients.

Systems biology

With Filippo Menolascina we study how synthetic biology methods can be used to validate gene regulatory networks inferred from genome-wide data.

With Eric Bonnet we work together on the development of algorithms for reconstructing regulatory networks from transcriptome data, in particular the Lemon-Tree software package.

Mathematics and computer science

With Pieter Audenaert and his colleages at IBCN we work on the development of graph-theoretic algorithms for network analysis.

Bruno Nachtergaele is a long-term collaborator from our days in mathematical physics.